Colostrum Powder (Immunoglobulins 22.4 percent IgG)

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Boomers 100% Colostrum Powder contains natural growth factors and disease resistance factors in a natural, easily absorbable form. It is a protein supplement that is usually used in conjunction with whey for its unique benefits to the digestive & immune systems. Bovine Colostrum is used by a variety of individuals including powerlifters, older persons, those with digestion issues and anyone else aiming to benefit from its natural growth and repair factors.

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Sourced from grass fed herdsMay benefit the immune systemContains an abundant source of natural antibodies and enzymes in an easily absorbed formUsed by a variety of people – from athletes to older persons with digestive issues or anyone aiming to benefit from its possible natural immune system boosting factorsSupplementing with colostrum powder has a similar effect to supplementing with whey protein or vegan protein options, but with added benefits for your digestive and immune system.Water solubleLow fat

Ingredients & Excipients

100% Colostrum Powder


Add 10 grams (1 heaped teaspoon) to 100 ml (half a glass) of water twice a day.Typically taken first thing in the morning and last thing at night.