Complete Health Overhaul by Doreen Schwegler

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Confused about what the best diet is to follow or whether you should take supplements?Interested in the concept of personalised health care rather than the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach?Want to reduce your risk of diseases than run in your family and maximise your current health?Does ageing well and preventative healthcare appeal to you?Doreen Schwegler is both a naturopath with over 24 years experience and medical scientist. She brings together the latest information about thorough testing including genetic profiling, information on detoxification, advice on diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, emotional wellbeing and healthy sex. Her years of experience, reading and research helps to clarify what can be a plethora of sometime conflicting advice about what is best for you, to  assist with truly personalised healthcare.Whether you are a health practitioner interested in expanding your knowledge, a student seeking practical information, a person wanting to lose weight or trying to conceive, or someone striving to do their best to stay well, this book is for you! It seeks to clarify and simplify information to assist you in making informed decisions about what can help your current health concerns and prevent future ones.

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