Deep Cleansing Diet by Dr Sandra Cabot & Margaret Jasinska

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ARE YOU OVERLOADED WITH TOXINS? Try Dr Cabot’s checklist. Do you suffer with:

Coated tongue
Bad breath
Frequent fatigue
Digestive problems
Abdominal bloating
Inability to lose weight
Frequent infections
Unexplained poor health
Skin problems

If so, you may benefit from Dr Cabot’s detoxification program. In today’s world, we are all exposed to increasing amounts of toxic chemicals in the air, water, food and our homes. Many of these chemicals have the potential to cause cancer, weight gain and other chronic health problems. Even if you do not live in a crowded city or industrial area, your body’s detoxification systems need support to prevent a build-up of toxic chemicals in your body. The average person consumes a credit card-size worth of microplastic every week and environmental scientists tell us that the personal “body burden” of chemicals is increasing. Drug-resistant superbugs are increasing and you need a strong and clean immune system to stay healthy. This book gives you lifesaving strategies to:

Reduce toxin levels in your body
Heal your gut and improve liver health
Fight infections with natural antibiotics
Boost your energy and lose weight easily

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