Hormone Replacement The Real Truth by Dr Sandra

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Dr Cabot takes away the fear and confusion about hormone replacement that is gripping women all over the world.In Dr Sandra Cabot’s Hormone Replacement, The Real Truth she provides you with the most recent information and gives you the life-saving answers that you need to reclaim your life.During the 1980’s, menopause was “medicalised” by drug companies and women were made to feel that menopause was a disease requiring long term use of large doses of synthetic hormones. This paradigm has now been shown to be categorically wrong and menopause should no longer be treated as a disease.Many women now find themselves in the dilemma of “I don’t feel safe with HRT, but I don’t feel well without it”.Women who have given up their HRT are now finding they have withdrawal symptoms and cannot find an effective solution to carry them through the turbulent years of menopause.This is a book for women of ALL AGES. You deserve to feel sensual, energetic, healthy and in control of your life! So, welcome to our world of true knowledge.Inside you will find safe and effective answers for:MenopauseBalancing your hormones naturallyOsteoporosisWeight excessHeart diseaseThe tests that you must have to check your hormonesMenopausal women with breast cancerLearn how to:Have a fabulous sex life at any ageHave a partner who swings from the chandeliersSlow down the ageing processPrevent degenerative diseasesStop depression and anxietyStop the pain of fibromyalgiaGet your mind and memory backHave a good night’s sleepThis is a book for women of ALL AGES. Remember that you are never too old to feel like a woman!

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