How Not To Kill Your Husband by Dr Sandra

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Balancing your hormones can save your marriage, as well as your husband’s life! These words offer a surprisingly easy solution to a big problem for so many women out there who feel overwhelmed by trying to be the perfect superwoman/mum/wife all at the same time. Dr Sandra Cabot has written this book because women’s everyday lives are being turned upside down by their hormones. These women are not neurotic or inadequate – they are intelligent, articulate, strong and have very relatable personalities. They recognise that powerful hormonal forces are causing mental and/or physical changes that they need help to control so that their lives can be productive, fulfilled and stable.This is a ‘save your life book’ and gives women the tools to communicate effectively with their own doctor and to work with their doctor to gain control of their hormones. With the increased self-understanding acquired from this book, women will have the confidence to be assertive with their health care providers to demand the type and quality of care they need.Balancing our hormones naturally will free us to realise our full potential and enjoy good health. With the right information, you need not let your hormones ruin your life!

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