One Bite at a Time by Sarah Lantz and Tabitha

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In the book, One Bite at a Time: Reduce Toxic Exposure and Eat the World you Want, authors Tabitha McIntosh and Dr. Sarah Lantz offer a better understanding of consumer and industrial chemicals and their impact on the human body – and importantly, the concrete steps needed to both reduce toxic exposure and build body resiliency. It’s in the later – build body resiliency – where the focus of the book really takes shape. Food is our focus here. Why? Firstly, conscious food choices can significantly reduce (or eliminate) toxic exposure; secondly, particular food components can build body resiliency against toxic exposure; and thirdly, food choices can provide a high ground of ethics with systemic solutions to the issue of human and environmental toxicity and pollution. Across Australia there are some significant movements and ethical businesses sprouting up and pushing back in response to the industrial food industry. And in this book you are going to hear from those heroes of our food world – producers, farmers, pickers packers, bakers, makers, researchers, food writers and bloggers – people taking matter into their own hands and creating happier, heartier, healthier solutions for other Australians. Ultimately, food(more…)

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