Organic Stevia Powder

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certified organic Stevia Powder is derived from the leaves of organic
stevia rebaudiana plant, which has been described as the sweetest herbal
supplement on earth. Stevia has grown in popularity in recent years as
an ideal alternative to sugar. Easily sweeten your coffee, baked goods,
cereal or favourite dish with this organic powdered stevia. Our Stevia
Powder is a water based extract from organic stevia leaf, containing
>95% steviosides.



Advantages of Wonderfoods’ Stevia Powder:Natural alternative to sugarDoes NOT contain caloriesAssists in maintaining a healthy digestive systemMay be used with your toothpaste. Two drops on your toothbrush may help prevent the formation of plaque

Ingredients & Excipients

Ingredients:Organic Stevia Rebaudiana Extract.


Suggested Use:Approx. 1/8 teaspoon will supply significant sweetness to beverages. Cooking may require a little more – for larger amounts.