Plenty Cold Pressed Almond Oil

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Cold pressed from sweet Australian grown almonds. This almond oil is unrefined, allowing it to retain all its natural golden colour, mild odour and nutritional benefits. Popular around the world for aromatherapy and massage, used primarily as a carrier oil. Contains levels of Vitamin E, B, and P. Almond oil has a clean flavour that pairs well with fish, asparagus and cream soups. 100% Australian made with Plenty of natural goodness & great taste in every drop.



Gourmet mild nutty flavourContains omega 6 & 9Ideal for dressing salads, baking & cookingHigh heat toleranceGreat for roasting, stir fries & sautéing

Ingredients & Excipients

100% almond oilContains: tree nutsMay be present: other tree nuts, peanuts, sesame



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