Solutions by Michele Wolff

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This ground breaking book from author and detox/digestive specialist Michèle Wolff reveals secrets that doctors won’t tell you. Michèle shares her years of clinical experience to help provide you with digestive solutions. If you have ever dreamt of having better digestion, you will discover:How to achieve the extraordinary health you desire and deserve.How to master your own digestive health, feel fantastic and create a life without pain and discomfort.Natural health strategies for ultimate digestive health.How digestive relief is easy by using the right food as medicine.5 key dietary habits to stop bloating, wind, pain and other tummy problems.How to use foods as a pharmacy to help discomfort, constipation, diarrhoea plus much more.That you don’t need to use drugs for your digestive problems.Over 101 tips & secrets for inflammation, reflux, candida, parasites, diverticulitis, irritable bowel and more.Tips on how you can feel really great and do what you love with no more embarrassing digestive problems.

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