The Alchemy of Beauty by Katrina

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AUTHENTIC BEAUTY and HAPPINESS is easy to attain by performing selfless actions, thinking kind thoughts of others, living your passion in life, eating the right beautifying foods, keeping optimally hydrated and charging your cells with nature’s super foods to radiate a magnetic beauty from inside out.This magical book contains all the healing secrets to help restore health and harmony on a deep, cellular level, both physically, mentally and spiritually, enhancing one’s inner and outer beauty and in doing so, allowing us to become the most beautiful versions of ourselves, like we were always meant to be.Divided into two important sections – the first section explores modern day beauty thieves like free radicals and telomeres, the most magnetic beauty foods, how to balance your digestion, intermittent fasting, the keys to pH balance and all the elements to increasing your natural beauty and healing vibration on every level. The second section contains over 100 of the most nutritious and beautifying recipes to help you supercharge your weight loss, collagen turnover, beautify your hair, skin and nails and to enhance your healing potential on every level.ABOUT KATRINA ELLISKatrina is a world renowned ‘Natural Health Specialist’ who is committed to creating better health, happiness and inner contentment for all. Katrina’s holistic approach to life may be the helping hand you have been searching for to build better health, happiness and contentment.

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