Therap Amigel Powder

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If you wish to create preparations using Amigel ”from scratch”, we offer Amigel Powder as well. By using 2% of the powder, you will create a thick stable gel. You can choose other ingredients besides water to further customise your own preparation – this could be Aromatic Hydrosols, Aloe Vera Concentrate, herbal extracts and so on. Or create thinner preparations, like pumpable serums. It is all up to your own creative genius!

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Sample formula – Soothing Rosewater Gel – for 500mL Ingredients:Amigel Powder – 10 gramsDamask Rose Aromatic Hydrosol – 480mLVegetable Glycerine – 10mLCitricidal (preservative) – 2.5mL or gramsDirections: Mix the glycerine into the Rose Hydrosol. Heat to 70°C. Slowly add Amigel Powder while blending. Continue blending until the mixture begins to thicken. Wait 10 minutes and then mix in the Citricidal.