VivaPets Pet Health Formula

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Collagen Plus Pet Health Formula offers a safe and effective supplement
for all dog and cat breeds of any age or size. Our pet health formula
has been designed to be used on a daily basis to maintain healthy
amounts of collagen peptides and glucosamine that may assist with
supporting the growth and development of healthy bones and joints for
your pet. Providing
Nutraviva Collagen Plus Pet Health Formula as a preventative supplement
may also help maintain your pet’s general health and wellbeing, energy
levels and mobility. Being able to maintain highly bioactive collagen
peptides within your pet’s diet can be one of the best preventative
steps to minimise age-related joint and bone deterioration. The
ability to regenerate collagen inside the animal’s body is a result of
the special Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline combination only found
in collagen. Nutraviva
Collagen Plus Pet Health Formula has no odour, is tasteless and sticks
to dry food. The American journal animal & veterinary science
reported that when 10 grams per day is fed to dogs with osteoarthritis,
after 8 weeks there was a marked improvement with dogs showing more
mobility, less stiffness and lameness.

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Ingredients:Collagen protein, glucosamine, vitamin C.

Ingredients & Excipients

Directions:Cats and small dogs (up to 4kgs): 1/2 teaspoon per daySmall dogs (5 to 15 kgs): 1 full teaspoon per dayMedium dogs (16 to 35kgs): 2 full teaspoons per dayLarge dogs (35+ kgs): 3 full teaspoons per day.1 full teaspoon = approx. 3.75g – 1 tub = 80 serves for a small dog 5 to 15kgs Allow four to six weeks for best results. Individual results may vary.


Do not refrigerate.Keep sealed in an airtight container once opened.